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April 2013 – Profile of Jana’s Nanodiamond research in BioOptics World

HIGH-RESOLUTION BIOIMAGING/NANOTECHNOLOGY: Nanodiamonds enable magnetic resonance of individual cells, other bioimaging possibilities.

March 2013 – Congratulations Nicole on another paper

This one didnt seem so painful? Well, maybe it was…. Congratulations Nicole on a very elegant study looking at the dynamics of Troponin C and the effect of a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy mutation published in Biochemistry this month.

March 2013 – The education of Ryan in his quest to join an iGEM team!

Check out the 2012 Macquarie University CBMS330 iGEM teams new video on Synthetic Biology and the iGEM experience

March 2013 – Visitors from Tokyo Metropolitan University

Our past and current 2013 iGEM teams hosted two visitors on the 6th and 7th of March from Tokyo Metropolitan University.   Thanks to Harry Spedding (MQ 2012 iGEM Alumni) who organised a program of events for Rena and Sayuri.  It was great catching up with friends from the international iGEM community.

Feb 2013 – Our Paper published with ICFO in Nature Nanotechnology

A single nitrogen-vacancy centre in a diamond nanocrystal can be trapped by optical tweezers and manipulated in all spatial directions.Check out the media coverage for Jana�s research producing the nanodiamond material for this study.

3rd March 2013: Article on NanoWerk

13th Feb 2013: Diamonds may mend a broken heart � Just in time for Valentine�s day!

12th Feb 2013: Laser Trapping Faux Atoms Creates �Super MRI� Method

12th Feb 2013: Catching and twisting a single spin with light in Nature Nanotech

Feb 2013 – Making Diamonds at Macquarie – is Superman redundant?

See the case study on Dr Peter Ha who gets to play with the Chemical Vapour Deposition facility in the basement! Read about Jana Say’s biomedical applications using nanodiamonds.

Nov 2012 – Awarded $860K ARC LIEF funding to purchase a pulsed EPR spectrometer

We were succesful in the recent ARC LIEF funding round for our application titled ‘Pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance: an enhanced capability for research in quantum physics, materials science, chemistry and biological sciences’. The grant will be used to develop pulsed ESR capabilities in the Sydney region. The grant was led by Dane McCamey at USyd with CI’s from USyd (David Reilly, Joel Mackay, Peter Lay, Tim Schmidt); MQ (Louise Brown); and UNSW (Grainne Moran, Alex Hamilton, Andrew Dzurak).

Sept 2012 – Nicole Cordina scores the cover of Protein Science

A long time coming but here it is, equiped with its own on-line interactive figures too! Interdomain orientation of cardiac Troponin C characterized by paramagnetic relaxation enhancement NMR reveals a compact state. Have a play shifting around the spin labels to see PRE effects in Troponin C.

October 2012 – Macquarie iGEM 2012 team do it again! A silver medal and a trip to the World Championships at MIT

A huge year once again in our CBMS330 Biomolecular Science Capstone Unit….and, I got to tag along this time with the black shirts to the iGEM Jamboree in Hong Kong ! Wow, what an experience – this is one scientific meeting not to be missed no matter what discipline you come from.  I will definitely be fighting for my spot on the plane again next year. A big thanks to the sponsors of our team this year. Watch this space…more photos to come. Check out the wiki – especially Top 10 Tips on Gibson Assembly

4th October 2012 – Prof Ian Paulsen’s Blog ‘Micrbobial Lifestyles: Good Luck Macquarie iGEM Team

10th October 2012 – Prof Ian Paulsen’s Blog ‘Micrbobial Lifestyles: Congrats MQ iGEM Team

And, one from the Deputy Premier! 1 November 2012 – Deputy Premier congratulates synthetic biology students

July 2012 – This must be the ultimate student presentation prize?!

Congratulations Jana on the awarding of the student oral presentation prize at the 63rd DeBeers Diamond Conference held this month. A pewter goblet!

April 2012 – Sophie and Joanna Graduate

Congratulations Sophie on the awarding of your PhD with the Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence – why did nobody tell me?! Congratulations also to Joanna for receiving 1st Class Honours and top of the year!

October 2011 – Farewell Sophie – off to sunny Leeds

In Oct 2011 Sophie joined Prof Sheena Radford and Dr Eric Hewitt at the University of Leeds in the UK as a Post Doc Fellow. As part of a Wellcome Trust programme grant, Sophie is continuing to use fluorescence and EPR techniques to investigate amyloid fibril architecture and amyloid-lipid interactions

April 2011 – Joanna Hare receives Life Technologies Prize

Awarded for outstanding performance in a 300- level BIOL or CBMS unit – and no Joanna, its not spam!  Joanna was our star performer in the NEW 2010 CBMS330 Biomolecular Capstone Unit – and contributed to the stellar performance given by the MQ iGEM Team which won Bronze at the MIT Jamboree in Nov 2010.

Sophia Goodchild is a 2010 Thompson Prize Finalist

Congratulations to Sophie who was a finalist in the Sydney Protein Group Thompson Prize – we believe you came a close second! Sophie’s talk was titled ‘Structural metamorphosis of the CLIC1 chloride intracellular channel protein‘.

Sophie, second from left!

Jana Say gets cuddly with Koala’s and wins!

Congratulations to Jana who won the First Prize for her poster at the Annual Conference on Optics, Atoms and Laser Applications ION-KOALA 2010, held at Otago University, New Zealand in December 2010. Jana’s poster was titled ‘Fluorescent Nanodiamonds for Biological Applications’ and was chosen as the best poster out of 47 other posters. This is Jana’s first every poster – the standard has been set!


James Cooke was awarded a Student Research Achievement Award for his poster presentation titled ‘Structure and dynamics of the mobile domain of Troponin I by SDSL-EPR‘ at the USA Biophysical Society Annual Meeting held in San Francisco from 20-24th February.  This meeting was attended by over 6000 participants with more than 4000 abstracts.  James was awarded the prize for the ‘Motility’ category and he was from the only ‘non-USA’ university to receive a student award at the meeting. US Biophysics News Release – April 2010

Nicole  Cordina Graduates from Honours with the University Medal

Nicole Cordina received her Honours degree in April 2009. She was also awarded the prestigious Macquarie University Medal which recognises outstanding academic acheivement throughout undergraduate study. Congratulations Nicole!

Thompson Prize Night 2008

This year’s Thompson prize talks were held at the University of NSW. James Cooke was selected as one of the finalists. Congratulations James on a great effort.

James Cooke has been selected as a finalist for the 2008 Thompson Prize. “The Thompson Prize, named after the eminent local protein scientist, E.O.P. (Ted) Thompson, was inaugurated in 1992 and is awarded for the best presentation by a young local scientist in the field of protein structure and function.” The final is to be held on December 3rd 2008 at the University of NSW.James Cooke – Thompson Prize Finalist 2008

Sophia Goodchild wins AGAIN!!!! Presentation Prize at ASB 2008

Sophie Goodchild was awarded a Presentation Prize for her research work at the recent meeting for the Australian Society for Biophysics. The meeting was held between 28th September-1st Ocober in Canberra, ACT. Sophie’s research was titled ‘CLIC MEMBRANE INSERTION’. She used Fluorescence quenching with brominated lipids to investigate CLIC membrane insertion and the dynamics accompanying this process.

Nicole Cordina graduates

Congratulations Nicole!

Sophia Goodchild wins Poster Prize at APES 2008

Sophie Goodchild was awarded a Student Poster Prize for her research work at the 2008 Asia Pacific EPR Society meeting. The meeting was held between July 13-18th in Cairns, Queensland.Sophie’s research was titled ‘SDSL-EPR Studies of the CLIC Chloride Ion Channel Family’. She used Side Directed Spin Labeling methods and other biophysical techniques to investigate the conformational changes associated with CLIC insertion into membrane.

Sophia Goodchild wins Student Poster Prize at ASB 2007

Sophie Goodchild was awarded a Student Poster Prize for her research work at the recent joint meeting of the Australian Society for Biophysics and the Australian Physiology Society. The meeting was held in Newcastle from 2-5th Dec and was attended by over 250 registrants. Sophie’s research was titled ‘FRET-ing over CLIC1 insertion into the membrane’. She used novel biophysical fluorescence methods to show how a protein chloride ion channel called ‘CLIC’ can cross the membrane bilayer. Sophie is the first to propose a model for the CLIC ion channel protein in a membrane bilayer. A fantastic result!

James is the Macquarie University News Centrefold!

Ramya gets in the Sydney Morning Herald!

James Cooke wins Student Poster Prize at ASB 2006

James Cooke was awarded the Student Poster Prize for his presentation of his Honours work at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Australian Society of Biophysics held at the University of Sydney from 11-13th Dec. His work was titled the “Structure and flycasting mechanism of the C-terminal domain of Troponin I by Site-directed spin labelling EPR spectroscopy”.

James Cooke (left) receiving his award from the President of the ASB, Assoc Prof B Hambly.

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