iGEM / SynBio & the Biomolecular Sciences Capstone Unit

Students majoring in Biomolecular Sciences focus on the study of how molecules work in living organisms. Towards the end of their degree, students must complete CBMS330 – the capstone unit of the Biomolecular Major. A major component of the CBMS330 capstone unit is that students have the opportunity to participate in iGEM – the international Genetically Engineered Machine competition. iGEM is the premier undergraduate competition for undergraduate research in Synthetic Biology and the only kind in the world!


Macquarie University CBMS330 Biomolecular Major students first participated in iGEM in 2010 with a small team of six students. Mentored by three academics from the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, the students were successful in obtaining a Bronze medal at the Jamboree event held at MIT. Since then, CBMS330 have entered a team every year and consistently been the top performing Australian team. Together, our Macquarie University CBMS330 students have been awarded the following medals and prizes:

2017: GOLD MEDAL!! – HydroGEM – Producers of Pollution-Free Energy

2016: GOLD MEDAL!! – Photophyll – The Green Machine

2015: GOLD MEDAL!! – Chlorophyl II – Return of the Hydrogen

2014: GOLD MEDAL!! – Photophyll – The Green Machine

2013: Silver Medal, Special Award “Best Poster” & “Best Mascot” – Green is the New Black

2012: Silver Medal & Advanced to World Championships – Flick of the Switch

2011: Silver Medal – Switcharoo – Light Switching

2010: Bronze Medal -Engineering a phytochrome switch







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